Orc Barbarian


Grew up in an orc village that was in ancient inactive volcano, name Orcville on the planet Quzax. Brucausan has a mother and father. He also has 6 siblings, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Therefore they had many mouths to feed with little money. Him being the oldest, always had to help. They are humble people and always good, but not enough income. He is the strongest and the biggest in the family.

Growing up in the military, Brucausan grew to be the strongest in his village other than the leader. Then one day his father fell ill and past away. Irritated and in distraught, Brucausan seeks out revenge. Soon enough later a woman by the name of Anata Notess appears and meets with the Orc Leader, Krosk Thokk. She asks him, “Can you give me some of your best men for I am on a mission?” Krosk Thokk says, “I can only send my best man.” She says, “That will do.” Brucausan joins her mission to slay all corruption in the universe.


9 feet tall, 350 pounds, 22 years old, Male, Orc, Barbarian


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