Drepnik, Evnore (Leaper)

Dragonborn Ranger


A Dragonborn born outside of Draganopia, found on planet Quzax. His mother was on the run from the law and hid her eggs outside in a forest nearby Draganopia. His father was killed before he made it out the gate of Draganopia. Evnore has two brothers and four sisters in his family. One brother went back and ratted out the nest in the forest and they were attacked. That brother was killed in the forest, along with Evnore’s mother and two of his sisters. On the run and learning a sense of tracking and survival Evnore finds his way to becoming a Ranger with his younger brother and two younger sisters. Evnore is not the oldest, his two sisters and brother that died were older than him.

Evnore is 8 feet tall and weighs 300 pounds. He is 18. His brother, Balasar is 17 and is 7.5 feet tall and weighs 340 pounds. His sisters, Kava and Nala are both 16, 7 feet tall and weigh 250 pounds.

Evnore was recently found by a woman named Anata Notess who asked him to join in her mission to save the universe. Evnore agreed and she provided safe shelter for him and his family.

Evnore is looking to seek revenge for his mother by fighting off corruption throughout the world, but by one step at a time. His favored enemy, the cat, his current worse nemesis. He gets this from Anata’s cat, who drove him almost insane before it fell over and past away.


8 feet tall, 300 pounds, Male, 18 years old, Dragonborn, Ranger

Drepnik, Evnore (Leaper)

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