Quarion Nai'lo (Nightbreeze) (Rael)

Wood Elf Rogue


Quarion as a child was always fast on his feet. His sister, Lia (Lael) is the reason why. Quarion is 20 years old and his sister is 16. He is 6 feet tall and 125 pounds, which his sister is 5.5 tall and 100 pounds. Both of them grew up in a forest north of Havenport on the planet Quzax, and south from which the Dragons lived. His father and his uncle were always hunting and taught Quarion and his sister how to, but she picked it up much faster than him. She also was able to speak with animals. Quarion was in distraught, but found something she could not put herself to. Quarion was able to blend in with absolutely everything, which in time begin to scare his sister. In time though his sister grew to be a great Ranger and him a great Rogue.

Havenport is an Elven village, just off the coast of the Hasla Ocean. The village is mainly disguised into the forest, but some of it can be see with the dock from the ocean.

Later on in life a woman by the name, Anata Notess showed up and asked Quarion and his sister to join her in her quest to save the universe. Quarion at first timid about this, but if it was not for his sister jumping right in, he probably would have not done it.


6 feet tall, 125 pounds, 20 years old, Wood Elf, Rogue

Quarion Nai'lo (Nightbreeze) (Rael)

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