Argonian Warlock


In a lonely prison of Blaztown on the planet Quzax, a prisoner in many shackles. This prisoner is the infamous Argonian Warlock named Salian. Salian is 17 years old, 7 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds. Salian once had a family before his town was burnt to the ground by humans of Blaztown, whom captured and tortured him. Salian learned the ways of the magic while in prison for 7 years. He was imprisoned since he was 10.

One day a woman arrives and breaks him out of prison to find that many people are dead on the ground. While he walks out he sees the town burnt to a crisp with a ship waiting for him to board. At the edge of this ship is an Orc and a Dragonborn. Off to the side is a Wood Elf.

After getting on the ship the woman asks Salian to join them on a mission to save the universe. Salian agrees to this invitation saying that he owes her his life for saving him from imprisonment. Salian asks, “Just one thing?” She says, “What is it?” He asks, “What is your name?” She replies, " Anata Notess. "


7 feet tall, 200 pounds, 17 years old, Male, Argonian Warlock


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