Chapter 1

The Grand Adventurers travel to a planet named Ealos, in which they have no idea where they are. There mission from their quartermaster is to find and capture a Human man that goes by the name Den Godeda. They pull up toward a dock after landing their flying ship on the ocean. There is a harbor that is filled with ships, they are slowly approaching.Toward the right is a bright and colorful town. As they arrive, a dockhand yells, “Welcome to Everwinter!” The party gets off the ship and…

Town of Everwinter

Ivy asks the dockhand that we are looking for some. Bliss threatens to burn down the village if he does not tell. The dockhand laughs. Ivy says, “We are looking for a friend do you know any whereabouts?” The dockhand asks, “What’s your friend’s name?” Ivy says, “Den Godeda.” Dockhand says, “Are you talking about the prince of Albain?” Ivy says, “I never knew he was a prince.” Dockhand says, “You must not be from here.” Salian says, “No we come from nearby.” The dockhand looks at Salian like he is super stupid. Ivy says, “Is there a place to eat?” The dockhand says, “There is a tavern nearby called the Drunken Priest.” Evnore thanks him and begins to walk away. Bliss trying to do a backflip almosts makes it and falls over.

Bliss asks a civilian if he is Prince Den Godeda. The guy laughs and says, I wish. Bliss asks do you know where you can find him. He says, “The last I saw him, he made a trip her and stay at the Rusty Breastplate.” Where is it bliss asks. He tells her direction.

Chapter 1

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