Fire Fairy Druid


Bliss loves to be a Druid and protect the earth. Harley is a bit of chaotic and loves her fire element. Her parents got in a car accident and she was sent to an insane asylum on the planet Quzax and while there she developed multi-personalities. She was the only child.

One day she finally decides to break out of the insane asylum, she got so angry that she burnt the whole insane asylum down. She then went to survivor mode and found a peaceful forest and was all alone and this is when Bliss showed up and she was a nice girl who loved nature. Though make Bliss mad and Harley appears.

Harley is the one they found in the insane asylum, but her parents named her Bliss and in that forest is when she found her true self. Though be careful in the forest because you do not know if you will run into. If she trusts you, you will meet Bliss, if she does not, you will meet Harley.

A few days later she is found by Anata Notess, who heard of her escape and asked her to join the band of adventures to save the universe and she joins them.


3 inches, 10 ounces, Female, Fire Fairy, Druid


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