Town of Everwinter

Total Population: 3076
Humans: 1784
Elves: 523
Dwarves: 646
Other: 123
Total Guards: 21

In addition, 38 Clergy tend to the spiritual needs of the Town, and are overseen by 2 ordained priests.

People Found Here
Rinan Cin

Guilds Found Here
Defender’s Guild

Inns: 2
Rusty Breastplate
Pleasant Ploughman
Taverns: 8
Scarlet Queen
Rosie’s Cheeks
Drunken Priest
Knotty Pine
Blacksmiths: 5
Hissing Cat
Healers: 2
Winder’s Way
Weaponsmiths: 2
Armorers: 2
Bowyers: 2
Broken Arrow
Magic Shops: 1
Iron Cauldron
Merchants: 2
Chicken and Ogre
Leatherworkers: 5
Tailors: 9
Jewelers: 2
Raven’s Nest
Cobblers: 9
Fishmongers: 3
Swimming Firkin
Slippery Rock
Farriers: 6
Carpenters: 6
Masons: 4

-Magic Shops typically sell components, scroll paper, and such minor items

Town of Everwinter

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